Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's All in the Flow

Whether you're a long-time resident of the City by the Bay or an occasional visitor looking to move in, you know how the feel of the city changes from neighborhood to neighborhood – even block to block.  With every step you take, the vibrant character of the city enfolds you and informs your experiences.

When it comes to choosing a home in San Francisco, the layout of your space can be as dramatic as the change from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Imagine walking into your home and feeling the living room opening up around you, its window facing out over the view from one of the city's great hills, with an open-plan, and eat-in kitchen so that the whole space feels luxuriously vast.  Or perhaps you'd prefer walking into a cozy reading room, set aside from the concerns of the day, and a large second bedroom appointed as a home office.  

The floor plan of your home controls how you move through the space, how you interact with it, and how you live in it. And as the old saw goes: when they are good, they are very, very good.  And when they are bad, they are awful.  Narrow entryways, rooms that aren't conveniently sized for their intended uses, or a lack of storage space that causes clutter to overflow into living areas all contribute to a cramped, restless feeling – not good, for the place you want to be able to unwind in!

These days, many developers are taking the stately old Edwardian and Victorian homes in San Francisco and renovating them into something more modern.  With the value placed on housing inside the city, there's often a call to make the most of a limited space, and a floor plan that emphasizes natural light and an easy flow from one area to another can make a modest home feel much bigger on the inside.

Visit prospective properties to get a feel for them.  Walk the routes through the living rooms and kitchens and to the bedrooms and bathrooms; imagine how furniture would look, and what space it would take up.  See if there's room to stretch out, literally and figuratively, and imagine if the daily motions of your life feel comfortable in the property's layout.  If they do, then congratulations: you might just have found your new home.